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Mr Fok is a really genuine teacher, he really helped me understand the concepts of econs better by breaking down the topics and teaching in ways that are easy to understand, he would also often check up on me to see how i'm doing, not just in terms of econs and academically in other subjects but he really cares for the well being of his students.
Cheyenne Chew
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“Dr fok is an extremely passionate and devoted tutor. his engaging lessons have helped us to understand and remember important economic concepts through the interesting stories he tells us. a friendly and approachable tutor, he goes the extra mile outside of lessons to check up on his students and is readily available to provide help when his students are struggling, be it academically or otherwise!”
Rachel Teo
National Junior College
“Mr Fok is very helpful to us in terms of providing advice on how to study better and answering techniques in exams. he covers alot of content in one lesson, while making his explanations v clear so that we learn as much as possible. We just need to reach out for help and he is always willing to answer our queries anytime and provide us with suitable econs materials to aid in our revision. This learning structure has helped me become more confident in econs and better at organising my answers and linking up concepts. Rly glad to have attended his lessons and learnt frm him!”
Kimberly Tan
National Junior College
“Mr Fok has helped me so much throughout JC in economics, he explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand and uses intriguing stories to impart lifelong lessons to his students. He is very familiar with the syllabus and can guide his students to getting an A for h2 economics!”
Renelle Loh
Temasek College
“Mr Fok is really a legendary tutor. He has made Economics more interesting for me through the unique way he teaches and I feel encouraged to work harder for the subject. Mr Fok shows care for every student and provides help promptly for not just the subject but individual wellbeing as well. Thanks Mr Fok for being my favourite tutor:)”
Eunice Goh
Raffles Institution
“dr fok’s lessons are really good and effective, he goes through many essays and csqs and links up all the different chapters very well. his explanations are very clear and my grades have improved greatly!! econs used to be a dull subject to me but i really enjoy it now, learning about the different economic analysis from dr fok and him linking it to real world context so it is more relatable. not only that, dr fok is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students. the best and friendliest econs tutor i can ever ask for!”
Felicia Hwang
Victoria Junior College
“Dr Fok is a very creative and engaging economics teacher, helping students who have no clue what is going on in econs understand the subject better through explaining real-world analogies and stories, making econs a very fun and enjoyable subject to learn! Not only is he willing to go out of his way to help students clarify their doubts, he is also very generous and understanding. He is a friendly and approachable person as well! Recommend👍👍”
Ruth Ngoh
National Junior College
“Dr Fok's lessons have made learning economics so much more enjoyable and easier to follow along lessons in school. He covers a wide range of essay and case study questions which I found very useful to apply during school and Alevel exams. Besides teaching us economics, Dr Fok has also shared many personal stories with us that taught us valuable life lessons and gave us new perspectives on life... His lessons have not only helped my econs grades but have also helped me become a better person.”
Lerr Min
Hwa Chong Institution
“Dr Fok's classes are very clear and helpful for H2 Econs. He is able to explain concepts and frameworks clearly and gives out many notes and model essays to help in our revision. He also marks the essays we submit. He is very friendly and accommodating, willing to reply our questions over texts despite the early/late hours. His anecdotes and examples are very helpful for remembering content.”
Edward Teo
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Mr Fok is a very passionate teacher. Not only does he teaches in a very engaging manner through the use of interesting stories, but he also cares for the student by providing his students with additional resources. He is also a very approachable teacher and will often encourage his students to ask him questions. He even takes the time to go through our papers individually to ensure that we know our mistakes and how to improve them.”
Dylan Ong
Hwa Chong Institution
“I started tuition with Dr Fok since the beginning of JC1. Dr Fok is a very approachable tutor who repeats lesson contents to ensure that we remember them. He is always very clear with his explanations and is always able to answer any queries that we have. I am lucky to have found his tuition centre and taken tuition with him for the past two years.”
Wang Rui
Raffles Junior College
“Dr fok is a helpful, dedicated and passionate teacher who never fails to help his students. He is very updated on the current syllabus and his lessons are very exam focus!! Dr fok lessons are also very entertaining and interesting which helps students to understand and remember economics concept well. I’ve improved a lot after joining his lessons and very grateful to have a wonderful teacher like him.”
Tasmin Low
Catholic Junior College
“Dr Fok’s tuition classes are really engaging. But what makes his class different than others? I would say that his teaching method is really efficient which allows us to retain what we have learnt in class over time, instead of coming back to the notes and memorising from scratch. Not only does he cover content, he also shares his life experiences with us enhancing the overall experience. His sharing are really helpful in various ways and my understanding in the concepts are much better.”
Thrishah R.
“Dr Fok’s concise method of teaching as well as his effort and dedication has helped me understand the subject a lot better & gain a passion for it too. i am extremely grateful to him as he truly goes above and beyond as a tutor- being extremely caring towards his students and constantly motivating us, especially during stressful periods :)”
Jamie Chan
Nanyang Junior College
“Dr Fok is an extremely dedicated and passionate teacher. His lessons are clear and easy to understand, and he reiterates important points and highlights common conceptual errors that are helpful for exams. He also makes his lessons interesting and engaging by sharing stories and real-life examples, which allowed me to memorise and understand concepts much more easily! He is a really helpful and friendly teacher too and will always be willing to clear any doubts we have. His lessons definitely increased my interest in econs, and also helped me to improve my grades greatly!”
Hui Xin
Hwa Chong Institution

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