Mr. Anthony Fok
A former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher, Mr Anthony Fok has several years of teaching experience in various government schools.

Anthony Fok prides himself in developing his own teaching materials, having written and published a series of economics assessment and guide books to aid his students.

While the economics syllabus may seem overwhelming and daunting, our students always emerge confident in their abilities from the tests and rigorous training we put them through. That said – we don’t mindlessly drill our students.

Making full use of modern day situations that apply to his students is a unique skill that Anthony uses to help them apply their learning. As economic theories can be very heavy on formulae and abstract definitions to the layman and average students, such practical usage increases learning retention rates in his students.

Anthony Fok also has a decade of teaching experience and in bringing out the best in his students, by not only focusing on spotting exam questions, but through developing the higher order thinking skills required in them to create impactful, substantial arguments:

Critical Analysis of Questions

Evaluation of Evidence

Synthesis of Data and Argument

In addition, Anthony highlights common examination pitfalls and errors made by students as well as further sharpening logical skills in his classes through his interactive lectures.
This methodology has paid off handsomely in our graduates – they have gone onwards to achieve their academic goals, some going on to become scholars, others going on to top universities such as Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, and Oxford, to name a few. Every year, more than 85% of students score A and B in their GCE ‘A’ level Economics examination.

Anthony holds the personal belief that it is not where you come from, but what you do with the knowledge and skills imparted to you that matters. As such, his students come from a multitude of different schools, and as such, the mixing of different ideas and minds have only helped to improve the quality of learning in every class.


Is Economics tuition a necessity?

Singapore has been dubbed the “Tuition Nation”. Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently commented that tuition has become a “minor national obsession”. Singaporean parents are certainly willing to splurge on tuition services for their children as they perceive tuition to be the key to academic success. In the last report on Singapore household expenditures in 2008 by the Department of Statistics, figures showed that Singapore households spent around $820 million on centre- and home-based private tuition, up from $470 million a decade earlier.

In today’s competitive society, many parents view tuition as a necessary means to scoring distinctions in examinations and getting ahead of the academic race. However, Mr Anthony Fok believes that tuition should be viewed as a supplement to a child’s education, and not an integral part of our education system or an obligatory pathway to success. The role of tuition should be to fill in the gaps of knowledge.

What is the difference between H1 Economics and H2 Economics?

All H1 and H2 students will be placed in the same class. This is because the topics are largely similar for both H1 and H2. The slight difference between H1 and H2 are topics such as Market Structure, Cross Elasticity of Demand, Income Elasticity of Demand, which are covered in JC 1 for most colleges.

The difference between H1 and H2 is largely the examination format. For H1, students need to do 2 case studies questions. For H2, students need to do 2 case studies and 3 out of 6 essay questions.

H2 students will need to attend additional payable classes in June holidays, August and September to cover the extra topics for the H2 syllabus. H1 students do not need to pay nor attend the additional classes.

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Students' Testimonials

“I came to Mr Fok in a very dire state, 2 months to A levels, having scored an S for economics for my preliminary examinations. Mr Fok took me in even though his class was already very packed, with no guarantee that his effort would be able to turn my grades around. But through his guidance, I felt myself improving with each lesson. Most importantly, Mr Fok believed that I could do well, and that in turn made me believe in my own ability. In the end, I am proud to say that with Mr Fok’s help, I have successfully achieved an A for economics at the A level examinations and an overall of AAB/AA. Last but not least, Mr Fok always stressed the importance of not only being a good student but also a good person, very often including stories in his lessons which had a valuable life lesson for all his students. So for that, I am grateful. Thank you Mr Fok.”

  • Hasif (Victoria Junior College – 2015)

“Mr Fok made econs more straightforward with clear steps and standard key phrases for various topics, which was a relief for a science student like myself. He always kept lessons lively and made sure we understood what was going on, boosting my confidence and interest in the subject. Outside of lessons, he marks any additional essays we submit and is always willing to help us with our questions. Thank you Mr Fok!”

  • Erin Siah (Hwa Chong Institution – 2015)

“I joined Mr Fok’s tuition class because my economics grades weren’t improving and with around four weeks left to the A Levels, I was quite desperate for any sign that I had hope for the subject in that pressing period of time. When I joined his tuition class under a friend’s recommendation, I could see myself improving and gaining a greater interest in econs, which have always been one of my weaker subjects in school. Mr Fok’s lessons were fun and engaging because he knew how to keep a student’s interest and max out their attention spans, be it with stories or snacks or mini breaks. I think I really gained a lot from his teachings and also life lessons from his stories. He was always there to help with my questions and encouragement when his students needed it. I’d really recommend him because of his engaging teaching methods and the difference he has made, no matter how short the time was when he was my teacher.”

  • Eve (St. Andrew’s Junior College – 2015)

“Before joining JCEconomics, it was hard for me to grasp the subject since it was entirely new. Learning was tedious and almost felt like a chore. However, after joining JCEconomics and learning from Mr Fok, he has helped me to embrace the subject and to learn from various perspectives. He teaches ahead of school lessons in order to help us understand the topic better, and he even shares with us real-life experiences which stimulated my curiosity and cultivated my interest in learning Econs! Mr Fok also encourages us to read and write more, and is always willing to review assignments in order to help us understand and learn from our mistakes. With his experienced coaching and various materials, I have enjoyed and learnt much from his lessons. He is truly a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile for his students, so thank you Mr Fok!”

  • Megan Lau (Anglo Chinese Junior College – 2015)